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06 February 2008 @ 06:15 pm
[LOG] Sweat and suede...don't go very well together.  
Who: The Utterly Fantastic Uzumaki Naruto (juxt_a_pose), Kaze siblings Temari (angry_breeze) and Gaara (coportate_kaze), and (of course) the lovely Hyuuga Hinata-chan (silentjoys).
What: There is nothing quite like the tempura made at Tokyo's own RabuRabuTen! With all that fatty oil and bread, there's virtually nothing they can't make taste absolutely delicious. What better place for a very badly disguised lunch date attended by the fashion industries finest?
When: February 6, 2008 @ 1715 hours.
Where: RabuRabuTen!, Tokyo.
Warnings: Cursing, possible probable? heart attacks, Naruto being omigod!polygamous as hell, and probably attempted maiming. ("GA-GAARA CHOPSTICKS DO NOT GO THERE.")
Open?: GTFO YOU DON'T BELONG. Closed to the aforementioned. In progress.

Gaara was not at all late, but Naruto pretended that he was because, for one, it made things far more interesting, and for two, he thought it would be funny, and was, to him, which was all that really mattered, anyway. Hinata was seated beside him, looking cute and nervous per usual, and he was dressed rather casually because the Tokyo weather, while not exceedingly hospitable, was not being as troublesome as he was used to. It was about seven degrees Celsius, not warm, but not frigid, and he'd taken his scarf off a while ago; it was now slung languidly (much as he was) across the back of his chair. The air was humid, which made it seem colder than it was and the wind didn't really help, but he had waited for the Kaze siblings outside because of a simple need to be interesting and/or interested all the time in whatever it was he was doing.

He would've been worried about Hinata but she seemed fine - rather, she was very composed and he didn't want to over-impose his own opinions on her. He had, needless to say, told her to dress in layers just in case (which made him feel overbearing and brotherly all at the same time but he wasn't into over-flattering himself - plain old flattery was enough, really, what with how utterly swollen his ego tended to be) but he couldn't ever be really sure of her comfort levels, or even of her thoughts, and he knew from years of trying to read her that he didn't always do it very well, which was irritating in some ways and exciting in others.

(Everything with a silver lining and whatnot.)

It wasn't a high-class joint, certainly (Naruto wasn't swanky, that was certain) and so he assumed Gaara drove and parked his own car, which was responsible of him. Naruto had done things the easy way and ridden his bike here, which was all well and good since he was very difficult to recognize underneath a helmet, even radiating the amount of awesome that he did. He wasn't sure Hinata had been all that into it, but he'd ridden with her before and he'd given her her choice of seating and so he wondered if that had made things alright.

Either way, Naruto thoguht himself in good company, surrounded by her, Temari, and Gaara. They were easily some of the most good-looking people in the city, the four of them. Easily.

Naruto grinned up at his extra pair of dates for the early evening and flicked his menu closed, turning to Gaara in his seat. "Have I adequately communicated to you how much I honestly believe you to be a total and complete bastard? Now be cordial and kiss me on the cheek so we can go in and order, you precocious little sleezeball. I'm starving."

(And, as with all life-long jokers, his delivery was flawless.)
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coportate_kaze on February 8th, 2008 02:13 am (UTC)
Even in the best of situations, Gaara would have had hesitations about making physical contact with another person. To be sure, he touched Naruto (or rather, Naruto touched him) more than most other people, but the only person he could ever remember doing something as intimate as kissing on the cheek - for that was intimate by Gaara's standards - was his uncle Yashamaru.

That said, the idea of kissing Naruto on the cheek, especially since it would be "cordial," didn't make Gaara as uneasy as he thought it should have. In fact, Gaara would have been happy to comply, except he was getting just a little miffed with all the "douches" and "bastards," so he thought, no, no, this time I won't indulge him.

"Yes, as you are well aware, your communications have been adequate and then some," the young company president replied smartly, reaching for his friend's hand. Standing as far away as possible without making it awkward, Gaara very formally shook the tanned hand he held.

(It didn't really matter, in the end. Gaara knew that Naruto would be all over him by the end of the night, as was the blond's nature to do. He had no concept of personal space.)

Gaara dropped Naruto's hand and turned to the dark-haired girl sitting beside him. Hyuuga Hinata; he knew her by name and face only. They'd seen each other around, but had never talked. Gaara couldn't help but notice how much she resembled her father. So this was Naruto's assistant - he certainly could have done worse.

"Hyuuga-kun," he respectfully greeted. "It's nice to finally meet you properly."
Sabaku no Temariangry_breeze on February 22nd, 2008 09:10 am (UTC)
Count on Naruto to pick a place like this. To be honest, Temari didn’t mind one bit. She’d been eating so much junk already that the thought of more fat and junk in her system didn’t bother her at all.

As Gaara greeted the Hyuuga girl (she was rather pretty, and she supposed that was a pretty good thing for the Uchiha kid), she turned to Naruto. There wasn’t much she could say about him that wasn’t painfully obvious from the start. She had a lot to thank him for, though. Like being able to find time and effort in actually helping out a magazine like Kaze. And for her brother. There would always be the need to thank the blond for being… so… himself.

“I’m glad I was allowed to come along,” she told him. “I didn’t necessarily want to intrude. I could have easily met Gaara some other time, so thanks.” The words were awkward to her and felt heavy on her tongue. She wasn’t used to thanking anyone, let alone in so many words. But she was a grown up (that still threw temper tantrums at the mere thought of her life not going the exact way she planned, how adult-like) and she had to learn how to say thank you sometime.