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A naruto roleplay set in the modern world of fashion.

this is true beauty

To enter here, you must be beautiful.

You must have ambition.


A size-zero body is preferred.

If you have all that, then welcome to Konoha Fashionistas.

The world of the beautiful and ambitious is probably the ugliest one you’ll ever see. There is no kindness here. To reach the top, there are going to be various people left in your wake with stiletto-heeled holes in their bodies. There is nothing like helping your fellow man here; the world of fashion is lonely and harsh. And working at Konoha Fashionistas is one of the most sought after, most draining jobs any person can ever hope to land.

Because Konoha Fashionistas is the center of the fashion world. The sun the fashion world revolves around. Women, and even men, dictate their fashion life by the words printed on the glossy pages of this magazine. Any well-to-do photographer would hope to work here, clicking away and immortalizing pure beauty on film. Any aspiring model would hope to land a job there, even if it means enduring the countless work hours and the attitude problems that come along with some of the most renowned photographers in the world. Any fashion designer would hope to get featured, because the moment they are, they will be considered famous. Anyone, really, would only hope to walk the same marble halls as Tsunade, the President of the magazine. Even settling for Uzumaki Naruto, CEO of the magazine, would be setting standards far too high.

And just as Konoha Fashionistas, more famous than Vogue, more life altering than TIME, plants its anchor at the top, it is reaching out to help a less famous magazine called Kaze, based in the far reaches of Japan and in desperate need for attention. Working together, Kaze hopes to reach the top Konoha Fashionistas has carved out for itself. Besides, Konoha Fashionistas would like a little bit of competition.

But not everything is beautiful. Dark, sinister, horrifying things happen in the background, quiet to most, and only whispered amongst the staff at Konoha Fashionistas. There is a rival magazine, Akatsuki, that isn’t all too keen to follow the rules set by fashion or the Japanese law. They’re making their own rules and are not afraid to strike down, permanently, anyone who gets in their way.

This is war between Konoha Fashionistas and Akatsuki.

Let the most beautiful win.

the laws of fashion

1. This is an AU roleplay. Meaning that the Naruto characters we know and love are set in a different world that is not their own. No ninja. No jutsus. No Evil-Demon-Inside-Me. Well, okay. Maybe a little.

2. BE RESPECTFUL. Online drama is completely pointless and causes unnecessary stress and problems. If you have a problem with a fellow member, either talk to them about it or contact one of the mods: trainreckk | angry_breeze or themerrier | nointerests. We will try our best to resolve things while still keeping everything as confidential as we can.

3. This RP is yaoi/yuri/het friendly and doesn’t have a set rating. That means posts can range from K+ to NC17. If you have a problem with this or are too young (really, this is for you to decide; there is no age requirement here, although it would be preferred if you were fourteen or older), please do not apply. All posts with R-NC17 rated contents must have it as a warning.

4. Use proper spelling and grammar. We understand that you are human and make mistakes (I know I am, which is why I am here editing this poor profile since I just realized it had a horribly glaring mistake) but you can always use spell check (livejournal has it and so does Firefox) or a word processing program.

5. Remember that while the characters are not in Narutoverse, they are still the same people. Chouji still eats a lot, Tsunade still hates paperwork, and Sasuke is just as angsty and vengeful as in the manga/anime.

6. No godmoding or powerplaying of any characters, whether they are cast or not. No one likes to have their character doing something they did not want them to do. And your character cannot be the ultimate fashion designer that can kill all other fashion designers with a tape measure.

7. We will be using PB [Portrayed By] icons. That means you will have to choose a real life person [celebrity] to represent your character. If you need help, the lovely themerrier | nointerests would probably not mind giving some advice. [She is the resident PB Goddess.]

8. Only two characters per player. [unless with permission from mod]

9. Character reservation is up to one [1] week.

10. If you intend to leave the community, please make a post in the OOC area of KF.

to help keep fashion beautiful

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